Satmission refocus their efforts with new owners

On March 30, 2017, Allgon AB signed an agreement to acquire Satmission AB, a company that develops, manufactures and services equipment for satellite communications. Satmission has received several awards in the past 12 months, including one for being the fastest growing company in northern Sweden. Allgon ( is a Swedish company group that develops and delivers wireless communication solutions for industrial and tough environments on the global market.

Satmission was founded in 2004 in Kalix, and has since grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of mobile satellite solutions. Since 2010 they are the market leader with their encapsulated Drive Away-antenna package, featuring the lowest weight and slimmest profile in the world. Today, their customers span across Europe, China, the Middle East and Russia.

This year’s sales projections point to a revenue of over 40 million SEK (roughly $4.5 million USD), which means Satmission will have to expand their workforce.

The top image shows Kari Huotari, CEO and Chairman of Satmission AB and Sven von Holst, Chairman of Allgon AB.

— Satmission fits in nicely with our acquisition strategy; they have the potential to grow even more within the Allgon Group. Satmission’s journey has been impressive. They are an acknowledged player in the industry, with the potential to continue to evolve on an interesting market, says Johan Harden, CEO of Allgon.

— Satmission has performed well in recent years, and we’ve been very profitable. The global market for satellite communications is extensive, and we see great growth potential. And now Satmission will be able to operate through the Allgon Group, which has a policy to allow our companies to continue to develop their business in their own way, but in a new creative environment, says Kari Huotari, CEO and Chairman of Satmission.

— We have identified many interesting markets and projects in our continued growth journey, which can now be accelerated thanks to our new owners. The business will remain in Kalix, with its access to expertise and network of subcontractors. It’ll be us, the operational key figures, who continue to lead the company. It feels good, says Satmission co-founder and VP Conny Hedman.

In 2012, Satmission took in external expertise and capital from local entrepreneurs together with Almi Invest, Startkapital i Norr and Norrlandsfonden, and saw significant development in the years that followed.

The transfer of shares will take place mid-May.