Easy to transport, auto-locating and rapid deployment

Satmission manual and motorised Flyaway antennas are designed for the broadcasting industry and data operators. Easy to transport, auto-locating, rapid deployment antennas on C-, X, KU, and KA-band with multiple RF bands available.

Satmission Flyaway antenna systems are divided in three categories:

  • SMP/ Satmission Premium, motorised broadcast Flyaway antennas developed for the toughest possible working conditions
  • SML/ Satmission Light, professional broadcast Flyaway antennas in a compact format
  • SMV/ Satmission VSAT, antennas primarily for mobile data transmission, internet and AV/IP webcast streaming

Satmission also commission Earth station antennas in system integration projects.

We design, develop and produce turnkey Flyaway antenna systems according to each customer specification.

Upcoming new antenna systems 2020 - 2021

1.2m Motorised Flyaway Antenna / SMP 125FA

Satmission Model SMP 125FA non motorised flyaway antenna is highly portable, compact, light-weight and can be assembled by one person in less than 15 minutes. The antenna features a 4 piece segmented carbon fiber composite reflector designed to provide exceptional performance in a lightweight package. Available in, Ku and/or Ka band frequencies. Multiple feed configurations and paint schemes are readily available.


1.8m Motorised Flyaway Antenna / SMP 175MFA

Satmission Model SMP 175MFA motorised carbon fiber flyaway antenna offers superior performance in a lightweight, portable package. This antenna features a 4 piece carbon fiber segmented reflector designed to provide high gain and low cross pol characteristics. Available in C, X, Ku and Ka band frequencies. Multiple feed and integration configurations are available.



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