Satmission, a Swedish company established in 2004

Satmission was established in 2004 as a Service & Maintenance Company for Swe-Dish Satellite Systems (Today DataPath) and other manufacturers of mobile Satcom systems.

The clients that consist of major TV, Radio and Telecom organisations and independent satellite uplink companies were well aware of the unique knowledge Satmission had and encouraged management to develop its own range of Satellite uplink system.

2006 was the starting point to designing the first Self-pointing vehicle mount Driveaway antenna system. The first models were built with third-party satellite dishes. In order to meet the market demand for HD broadcasts, Satmission started in 2010 to develop its own Gregorian Carbon Fiber satellite dish system at 1.25m and 1.55m including with Streamline Aerodynamic Pod solution which is still the lowest and lightest complete Driveaway antenna systems with Pod on the market.